Bob Baker, “Edison Park” (2017)

18 Feb

fullsizerender24Bob Baker, Edison Park (2017)

This is a little 6″x8″ I did in about a half hour today to try out the Anders Zorn palette — White, Ivory Black, Ochre and Vermillion.  You can do more than you think with those four pigments and I will be trying this again.  Happy Saturday!


Bob Baker, “Ohio River Near Evansville, Sunset” (2017)

29 Jan

baker-ohio-riverBob Baker, Ohio River Near Evansville, Sunset (2017)

Here’s today’s painting.  This depicts the north bank of the Ohio River near Evansville, Indiana at sunset.  For you locals this is the view west from the Angel Mounds boat ramp at 7:00 p.m.-ish.  When I started back oil painting a few years back I consciously used Canadian landscapist Tom Thomson as my model.  This past week I reconnected with Thomson’s work and was motivated to do this one in Thomson’s style (or as close as I’m able to get).  For any of you looking for a great artist to emulate — try Thomson.  He’s a legend in Canada and for good reason.  Here’s but one example:

Oil on wood
22.2 x 27.3 cmTom Thomson, Tamaracks (1914)

Thomson is to oil painting what Hemingway is to writing.  Check him out.  Have a good rest of the weekend.


Bob Baker, “Pike’s Peak From Garden of the Gods” (2017)

24 Jan

baker-pikes-peakBob Baker, Pike’s Peak From Garden of the Gods (2017)

Here’s my painting from yesterday.  I was out in Colorado Springs last year and was able  to get out to the nearby Garden of the Gods – from which there’s a breathtaking view of Pike’s Peak.  I’m a flatlander and don’t get many opportunities to paint mountains.  You become familiar with the ins and outs of using blue!

Bob Baker, “East of Bloomington, Ireland Grove Road” (2017)

21 Jan

fullsizerender20Bob Baker, East of Bloomington, Ireland Grove Road (2017)

I love the stark Midwestern landscape around Bloomington, Illinois.  It induces contemplation. A couple friends of mine, commenting on the reference photo for this, aptly said it looks like a scene from North By Northwest (the 1959 Alfred Hitchcock thriller starring Cary Grant):

north-by-northwest-2Cary Grant in North By Northwest (1959)

Bob Baker, “Near the Ohio River, Evansville” (2017)

15 Jan


fullsizerender18Bob Baker, Near the Ohio River, Evansville (2017)

This is from near the Angel Mounds boat ramp in Evansville this past summer. There were fields of yellow flowers in bloom all over the river bottoms and I got a few photos on my iPhone with the idea of painting them later.  Right afterward I made my way to Pizza King for a stromboli and my day was complete!

Bob Baker, “Near Lake Bloomington, Illinois” (2017)

7 Jan

15895423_10207817260891754_332811295084797543_n Bob Baker, Near Lake Bloomington, Illinois (2017)

As promised I’m trying to be more disciplined about painting in 2017.  As some of you know I work down in Bloomington, Illinois during the week these days.  It’s very pretty down there — great spot to do landscapes.  I was out fishing after work this past July and was gob-smacked by the late afternoon light coming across this field west of Lake Bloomington.  Intense yellows and reds and lots of violet.  I got a couple quick photos on my iPhone and made a mental note to go back and paint it, which I finally did.  There will be more!  Happy Saturday.

Bob Baker, “Mercury Bar, Detroit” (2017)

1 Jan


fullsizerender14Bob Baker, Mercury Bar, Detroit (2017)

Happy New Year!  I’ve been away for awhile but now I’m back.  Here’s my first painting of 2017.  Mercury Bar in downtown Detroit is a cool bar in a cool location with great food.  Had to give it a shot.

Bob Baker, “218-220 N. Center St., Bloomington, Illinois” (2016)

3 Jul

IMG_4658Bob Baker, 218-220 N. Center St., Bloomington, Illinois (2016)

Hello!  Finally got back to my painting.  Here’s my latest.  According to my research 218-220 N. Center St. was for years the J.C. Penney Building and was designed by architect Arthur L. Pillsbury.  I was walking down the street in the late afternoon-early evening last week and the sun was hitting it just right.  I had to take a shot at painting it.

Bob Baker, “Farm House, Waupaca County, Wisconsin” (2015)

17 Oct

farmhouse3Bob Baker, Farm House, Waupaca County, Wisconsin (2015)

Note: click on image to enlarge

Here’s today’s painting.  We’ve been driving past this house for years and I finally decided to paint it.  It’s all by itself out there on the road and has a real moody feel to it.  Can you picture a couple of people tossing a frisbee in front of this place?  Me either.

Bob Baker, “Weller’s Store, Rural, Wisconsin” (2015)

16 Oct

CBob Baker, Weller’s Store, Rural, Wisconsin (2015)

Note: click on image to enlarge

After a brief hiatus I’m back to painting, and here’s my latest.  Rural is a real blast from the past. It’s an unincorporated town in Waupaca County, Wisconsin and the Crystal River runs right through it.  Weller’s Store is right across the road from the river and you can hear the water when you’re standing out front.  It’s the sort of cool, offbeat place that’s vanishing fast.  Have a good weekend!

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